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DongCheng District
Beijing 100007

+86 13811988784

Couture lingerie from the Modern East. Every piece hand-crafted with pure silk in our Beijing atelier.

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SSS10 Bralet Knicker 1 PILLOWBOOK.JPEG
SSS10 Bralet Knicker 1 PILLOWBOOK.JPEG
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size S / 50% OFF

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❣️This design is the complicated offspring of the original “Shhh…” bralet and knicker where the base is split into two parts, allowing an additional color. Both pieces were made 4 years apart, hence, the grey and champagne have a drop of difference in tone. Everything is 100% silk except encased elastic and hardware.

❣️The bralet was an experiment to the modified design and came out successful. The underbust band measures 69cm / 27in; ideal for sizes S-M. The cups are lined making this bralet reversible. Size S

❣️The knicker was also made as an experiment to the new design and mainly to test out lining the back panel to hide the appliqué ribbon stitches and the waist elastic. It’s a subtle final step that gives the entire aesthetic a finesse touch. The hemline is baby hemmed with adjustable side straps. The waistine measures from 62-76cm/24-30in; size S.

❣️50% OFF

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