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DongCheng District
Beijing 100007

+86 13811988784

Couture lingerie from the Modern East. Every piece hand-crafted with pure silk in our Beijing atelier.

size M / 30% OFF

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One sample will be released for sale, every Sunday, so make sure to pop in for a pleasant surprise.

size M / 30% OFF

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SSS7 Brief 1 PILLOWBOOK.jpeg
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size M / 30% OFF

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❣️DEETS: This knicker is based off of the Shhh… collection as seen by the Chinese framing silk ribbon work details. The base is emerald with caramel and key lime pie colored trims. Adjustable side straps and silk encased elastics for better fit. Everything is 100% pure silk except gold hardwares and elastics. 

❣️WHY? I had this made with a matching bra let intended for my 3rd trimester but never got around to wearing it because, "what for?”I couldn’t even see beyond my stomach at that point. This has never been worn even though I wore the bra let practically to death. (Side note: I never fully understood one of my clients praise about the cut until I experienced pregnancy myself. OMG, the Shhh… Bralet is a boob savior during the treacherous last trimester) I’m back to a size S now- Yay! So any masters and mistresses out there want to adopt this knicker? It’s 99% perfect.

❣️SIZE: M. Ideal for 68-72cm /27-28.5in waist and 94-98cm/37-38.5in hip. However, the waistline reaches 85cm/33.5in wide when straps are adjusted to it’s fullest. 

❣️BONUS: There is a matching bralet and dudou sample being sold too!

❣️30% OFF

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* All sample items sold are not returnable nor exchanged for store credit