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DongCheng District
Beijing 100007

+86 13811988784

Couture lingerie from the Modern East. Every piece hand-crafted with pure silk in our Beijing atelier.


Sustaining traditions and heritage

" Her talent lies in respecting the body's natural shape while enhancing it with a discreetly sexy touch... "

- LOUIS VUITTON 2014 City Guide Beijing

“undeniable quality and beauty… compelling point of view.”




Pillow books are titillating works of art created in ancient China as illustrated guides for adventurous love play. It later became customary wedding gifts to advise young newlyweds in pursuing the pleasures of love and thus, planted near matrimonial pillows.  Today, this tradition are the roots of PILLOWBOOK creating an alternative design aesthetic with a healthy dose of eroticism to inspire our lovers to seduce, pleasure and empower.

*Chinese pillow books differ significantly from Indian karma sutras and Japanese shunga.



Every PILLOWBOOK treasure is developed and produced in a strict quality controlled, fairly employed and ethical environment within our atelier. We welcome you to visit and experience every step of our creation to production behind-the-scenes formula for #transparency.

Our showroom is open to consultation, fittings and private viewings by appointment only. We are temporarily located near the Buddhist monastery quarter of YongHeGong Lama Temple (naughty, naughty).

LOUIS VUITTON City Guide 2014 recommend you to shop by for an intimate bespoke experience.



Irene Lu specialized in intimate apparel and corsetry at New York Fashion Institute of Technology. In 2012, Lu planted the seeds of Pillowbook to promote the traditional Chinese lingerie (aka dudou) while empowering the beauty of petite breasts.

When she's not working on PILLOWBOOK, she’s either freelancing at costume design gigs, learning quilting, or chasing around her toddler.



Thrown into the streets by locals at 4 weeks old, Homer's 4 white paws were superstitiously believed to attract bad luck.  Quite the contrary, he is our paws of white gold at every rainbow's end. 

So don't be fooled by his pint-size physique as he's got the paws of power to everything that goes around here.  To get by Homer, a little treat will do the trick.