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We love to show you the heart of our brand

DongCheng District
Beijing 100007

+86 13811988784

Couture lingerie from the Modern East. Every piece hand-crafted with pure silk in our Beijing atelier.


For pretty much everything except the dudou

*Our standardized S/M/L sizing are generous for A-cups, comfortable for B-cups and snug for C-cups.

We recommend to get yours made-to-measure due to the non-stretchy nature of 100% pure silk. At no extra cost. How?  Simply fill out our Made-to-Measure form so we can tweak the patterns and stamp your name on it. Just remember to select the "Made-to-Measure" under the product "Size" tab.

( Click here for the ultimate fit service )

Specially for the dudou ...

We understand this bygone traditional boudoir garment is very very, very new to the lingerie industry so it's likely you never tried it before. Though we can promise you, the dudou is a very forgiving cut and appeals to any size and shape.

No molding, no constrictive shaping. It's a beautifully draped silk, glamorizing your natural shape.

*If you are an in-between size, select the larger size for more modesty or smaller for more exposure at the back and hips.

Sizing is different from brand to brand so finding the perfect fit can be frustrating but we are always here,


Simply shoot us an email to